G-RAFFE Smart G-protection

Full Body Compression Suits

The 5th ONLY Generation Aircrew Protection Systems “G-RAFFE Smart G-protection” Full Body Suit matches any Fast Jet performance by improving aircrew protection, safety and comfort in flight of long duration in the true sense of applied Human Performance Enhancement (HPE), and exceeds all safety and health requirements.


increased G-protection with less required effort.
little or no AGSM required, no anticipation needed.
undisturbed concentration and situation awareness.
no communication/voice recognition breakdown at G.
lower heart rate under G than other G-protections.
avoidance/diminished back pain.
reduced aircrew exhaustion.


light weight and low bulk.
simple maintenance / laundry / check schedules.
available F-15-16-18, Rafale, 2000, Typhoon, Mig-29, Su-27-30, L-39, MB-399, Hawk
any other platform on demand.
18 standard sizes, plus custom fit.
many options available.


Swiss Made

G-RAFFE Smart G-protection Full Body Suit

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